Off The Shoulder

Hello all! I have decided to do a “translated trend” series. This will basically be me comparing styles from the past to how they have been reinterpreted in the current era. For the first translated trend, I will be discussing the off-the-shoulder trend that has been popular lately. This trend was extremely popular during the 1940’s and 1960’s.

Frances Bergen in off-the-shoulder dress, wearing charm around her neck and several charm bracelets.

This photo is of Francis Bergen and he is wearing an off the shoulder dress. This was published in “Life” in 1948.

Gene Tierney red evening dress

Another example of an off the the shoulder look from the 40’s is with Gene Tierney in this stunning off the shoulder red dress (also from 1948).

When it comes to off the shoulder tops in the 1960’s, This gorgeous blue off the shoulder dress was popular during this time period.


My pattern that I used for the top I made is actually a Vintage Butterick pattern (5975) from this era. I saw this pattern and knew I needed it! It was so cute and is on trend right now.

I will definitely be wearing this all season and I love how it turned out! Here are some more pics on how I styled this top.

I hope this post made y’all want to try and either make or purchase a top or dress that follows this timeless trend!

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