Peter Pan Collars

Hello all! Latest post coming to yah. When I tell you I have tried MANY times to make a good and cute peter pan collar I really have. I would use patterns off of Google, Pinterest, and even tried to make my own just to ultimately fail every time. While “quickly” browsing through Hobby Lobby yesterday, I actually spent about an hour there, I saw that they were having another 99¢ Simplicity pattern sale! So, naturally, I bought more. I got nine new patterns this time but I ended up getting the wrong sizes in two of them so I have to take them back. That being said, I also found the Simplicity 1727 pattern which is the one for a variety of collars including a peter pan collar!


I used the template for the letter “A” one which is actually on the model on the cover of the pattern and then some blush pink velvet trim that I had form a previous attempt t making collars. I also used my floral Lilly Pulitzer dupe fabric (YES AGAIN) because it goes with a lot of the items I have for spring and summer! I considered adding embellishment to the collar but decided I would just add some fashion pins to it because they matched it very well. I am so so happy with how this project turned out and I’m very excited to make more!! I hope you all enjoyed this post and I’ll be back again next week!


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