AmericasMart June Atlanta Apparel Event (Part 1)

Honored. That is what I felt to be able to attend this wonderful event! AmericasMart is a huge compilation of show rooms in downtown Atlanta. They are open basically year round but have specific shows that come a couple times a year! I heard about the June Atlanta Apparel Mart and on a whim thought I might be able to qualify as a media rep….AND THEY ACCEPTED! I was ecstatic. Anywhere where I’m able to get free coffee and donuts while looking through hundreds of different vendor stations is a place I want to be. I used to aspire to be a professional Buyer and it is a job that is on the path to my new dream job of Fashion Director. This was just the first step in that process!


To say the least, this event is overwhelming in the best way. Fourteen stories of showroom after showroom and you’d think it would get boring or redundant )it definitely did not). The most confusing and catacomb-esque portion of this event were the two cash & carry floors! They were an endless maze but very awesome. I arrived at almost exactly 9am and left around noon (thanks blisters!) but I decided I will most likely return tomorrow  or Friday to a “Daily Strut” fashion show.


While browsing through Cash & Carry, I came across a super cute jewelry shop that was half off for everyone! Most cash & carry vendors had a $35-$50 minimum when not purchasing wholesale items; however, this shop had no minimum. I decided I would “splurge” and get these adorable tassel earrings and a cute necklace with a scissor charm on it (because I’m always crafting, lame, I know).


Today was a great day and a wonderful experience! Every vendor was very nice and seemed thrilled to be there and it got me excited for the possibility that I might end up being a vendor there one day. STAY TUNED because I’ll have a Part 2 and Part 3 coming during the rest of the week! Thanks again for reading and keeping up with my blog, hope you enjoyed!

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