Disney and Universal Designs

Whenever I plan on going to an event or on vacation, I generally try to sew up at least one cute item to wear while there. This weekend I adventured to Disney Springs (or as I knew it back in my day, Downtown Disney) and Universal Studios. As I briefly mentioned in my Guide to Harry Potter World, I made my adorable Harry Potter collar. I also finished up a cute pair of Mickey Mouse head shorts the night before we left as well. My serger is finally fixed after almost two years so I can start making more professional clothing now!

This adorable collar was made with Simplicity pattern 1727. I got this one from Hobby Lobby when they had their classic 99¢ sale. It has multiple sizes but the one I chose was a size small. My neck is about 12in around and it fits perfectly. I added the Golden Snitch pin purchased from the park to add a little bit of flair to the whole ensemble and the Ravenclaw tee was bought from FandomWearShop on Etsy.com! The fabric I used for he actual collar came about in a pretty funny way. I ordered a skirt THINKING it would be the correct size and it ended up being a child’s size 6 (shoutout to my reading skills right?). Then my creative senses kicked in and I thought it would be the perfect size for a collar! I purchased the skirt from RunningStitchCrafts on Etsy.com also and then ripped out all the seams to re-fashion it.


The second item I created for this trip was my Mickey Mouse shorts! I realized a couple days beforehand that we would also be going to a Disney place and ran to Walmart at around 9:30pm to grab the cutest fabric I’d seen in passing. It was $5.97 a yard but very much worth the cost. For these I used Simplicity pattern 1520 that I purchased at JoAnn Fabrics. I’m planning to also use this for a cute fourth of July outfit (most likely) so stay tuned for that also!


I’m very excited with how both of these turned out and now that I’m finished all three of my summer classes (Whoop whoop! And with all A’s WHOOP WHOOP!!) I’ll have more opportunities to sew! I’m super excited and ready to be making making making!

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