DIY Gallery Wall for Less Than $100

Gallery walls are an amazing way to showcase the items you love in a super cute way. They are one of my favorite ways to decorate my room and I usually switch it up every year or so. These last few weeks, I have spent time crafting up the best DIY gallery wall and for LESS THAN $100 and I’m sharing it with you!


These were most of the supplies I purchased! Some items I already had or ended up purchasing afterwards. I will go into a bit of detail about each item in the featured photo and give you five tips that will aid you in your gallery wall quest! (TIP: purchase items from Walmart, especially crafting supplies, because they have the SAME products as craft stores but for (LITERALLY!!!!) HALF THE PRICE!!)


1) Spray. Paint. I spray painted half of this wall. Spray paint is the best because  it is literally less than $4 at Walmart and it allows you to customize whatever items you’re using! I ended up spray painting my embroidery hoops (all sizes less than $2!!!), this black frame from Walmart (less than $5), and this little girls hanger from Hobby Lobby! I also spray painted the flower hook but ended up not using it. As you can see, none of these items really fit together or looked cohesive until I spray painted them and brought them together.


2) Frames. Frames are a must-have item whether you turn them sideways or keep them upright. I ended up with all of mine upright but they just looked better that way with the images I wanted to use. My foolproof way of deciding on what frames to choose is to have them all be the same color (aside from one or two statement frames) and then have different sizes, textures, and matting proportions. As you can see, my theme was white frames with two gold frames. Where can you get cheap frames? Well Walmart has very affordable frames and most are under $10. Hobby Lobby is also my go-to place because even if they retail for $20, they are generally half-off and then come out to $10 or less!

3) Canvases/Paint. I always like to have a couple canvas items built in. The center gold one was a gift (that I will probably always use because it says “Be The Leslie Knope of Whatever You Do and I stand by this) and the pink and white one I quickly painted! I just use cheap $4 brush sets from Walmart, $4-$6 canvases from Walmart, and $4-$6 ModPodge from Walmart. You can use online templates and trace it onto the canvas or just wing it and go abstract!

4) Other wall accessories. I chose to use a cute little clock and shelf both of which I got from Hobby Lobby. The shelves came as a set for only $13 and then I put the small one over the (old and no longer valid) panic button. I placed this adorable little face cup from Target on it with a baby cactus because crazy plant lady am I right?

The mirror was half off at Hobby Lobby and came out to only $7 and the llama print was $6 from there as well. My hoop fabric is also from Hobby Lobby and I needed half a yard for the two bigger hoops and a quarter for the smallest hoop! If you have never gotten fabric before, just tell them your sizing and they will know what you mean. This was my favorite idea! Any chance to use sequined fabric is a good day in my book. The & sign was $4 from Walmart and I used my massive hoard of gold glitter to cover it and then ModPodged it on so none would flake.

(TIP: Use a Hobby Lobby 40% online coupon to save! I have it linked but just google “Hobby Lobby Coupon” and it’ll come up. Then all you have to do is show the cashier the # and you can get the discount on whatever item you specify.)

5) Command Strips. Not to be confused with Command hooks. I always use command strips because all of the paint remains intact and it is just an easier process when switching items out. I use the almost velcro like ones (linked here) and two per item does the trick! For items such as my “Ok, but first coffee” sign and the cute hanger, I use decorative push pins that I found at the Target dollar spot!

That is all for this post! The number one item to take away from this is to HAVE FUN!!! Gallery walls are so exciting because you can find cute prints to put in your frames and adorable decorations. It’s also a chance to DIY which is my favorite thing in the world to do. The pillow in this photo I made myself with fabric from Hobby Lobby and I loveeeee it. I hope this inspired you to get out and gallery up your own walls!

Also….STAY TUNED for a VERY SPECIAL GIVEAWAY NEXT WEEK!! It will be announced NEXT SUNDAY 7/23/2017 at 12pm!

xoxo, Mandy

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