DIY Fabric Covered Cork Board

This week I decided to do another DIY! I have seen many fabric covered pin-boards/cork boards lately and I decided to make my own for my apartment! This is a cute, cheap DIY that will change any space completely! I purchased all items for less than $15 and will link them below.

These are a few that I’ve seen that I’ve liked and kind of inspired me to try and make my own!

This first one is $79.00 from PBteen and is adorable with its gray polka dots!


The second one is more similar to the ones I made because it has the pins along the outside.

It’s very nautical and cute and is $23.74 on sale right now at Target!



To begin the DIY instructions, I’ll fist give you an items list! I will also link all items to the most similar items I can find. I already had a hot glue gun so if you do as well disregard the first bullet!

  • Hot Glue Gun ($2.45 Walmart)
  • Cork Board ($6.26 Walmart)
  • Colored Thumb Tacks ($2.64 Walmart)
  • Fabric 1-yard (Price varies by store. Exact fabric of featured photo (link) $4.89/yard HobbyLobby)

The cork board and fabric I got are both linked to the exact same ones I used for this DIY! The thumb tacks I chose to use were white but you can use any color that you prefer!

The first step is to lay your fabric out over the cork board and measure about 2in out from each side and cut. This will give you plenty of room to fold over the fabric and glue on the back!


The second item is to place a tack in one corner of the cork board. Feel around to find the edge of the inside frame and place there. You’ll then place pins 1in apart around the insides edges as such.

This is how it’ll look once you do this around the edges. You can see the raised edge of the border underneath the fabric and that’s perfect! The fabric might move and shift while placing pins just like in the second photo so you’ll just want to trim it up and make it a bit more even (unless you don’t care because it’s just getting glued to the back).

The next task is to glue the excess fabric to the back of the cork board! You’ll glue it all the way around the back edges.


Then you’ll turn it back over and BOOM you have a super cute fabric cork board that only took about 30 minutes to make!


I’ll also post a cute little push pin DIY that takes 5 minutes, All you’ll need is your hot glue gun, some left over push pins, and some gem stones! I linked some from hobby lobby but you can get some from any craft store or Walmart!

All you’re going to do is glue the gem stone onto the push pin and you’re done!

And this is the finished result!


I’ll also post the one from the featured image with the adorable linked leaf print fabric!


I hope you enjoyed this super fun DIY and if you try it yourselves tag me on Instagram with @styledby_mandy! My mug in this post is AHHHHH-DORBS and is from Evelyn Henson for only $22! Thanks again for supporting my little blog!

xoxo, Mandy

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