DIY Embellished Collar

Have you ever loved a shirt with a cute collar but it just doesn’t fit you anymore? Well here is the DIY for you! I got this idea after wearing my super adorable collar/bib from ASOS and decided to run with it. I ordered this Elle shirt from Poshmark because I had been looking for MONTHS for it. Sadly the sizing was off and it did not fit across my chest well. That’s when I decided to change it up! This DIY will show you how to change a button-up shirt into a collar/bib (in less than 10 steps) that you can wear it underneath fall sweaters and shirts!


  • A shirt (either one that you have or a vintage one)
  • Pins (doesn’t matter what kind, they’re very cheap at Walmart or any craft store)
  • A needle and thread ** (**you can use a sewing machine as well; this is what I did)


  1. Pick out your shirt!


2. Cut the arms off of each side of the shirt along the outermost seam (marked).


3. Find your center button so you know where to cut across.


4. Cut across the shirt (measure with ruler if needed) below the center button (marked).

5. Cut open the side of the shirt and then trim off side seam (marked).

6. Grab your pins!


7. Pin the side seams. Stitch up sides.


8. Pin both sides of front and the entire back. Stitch.



  • Stiffer fabric will offer a better collar when making a collar/bib. I re-did this with a J.Crew tank and it was a lot more stable (I still like this one too though)!
  • Use a tank top instead of a long-sleeve shirt and you can skip step 2!
  • Use thread that matches your fabric OR white thread for lighter colors and black thread for darker colors. I used white for this and you can’t tell!
  • HAVE FUN! I loved making this quick DIY and since they’re already real shirts you can wash them in the regular wash!

I hope you all enjoyed this DIY because I know I did! Thank you all for reading and if you decide to do this on your own tag me in the pictures! Love you all!

xoxo, Mandy

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Senior Fashion Merchandising/Apparel Design major at Georgia Southern University! This is my blog where I post about lifestyle, fashion, and make DIYs for you to copy! I would love to connect so give me a follow (:

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