How to Stay Organized in 2018

Happy New Year everyone! I’m back and new and improved. For 2018 I’m going to do things a little differently around here. I got super busy last semester and started slacking on my posts but this year that will all change! I’m going to post blog posts twice a month. One will be about a book I’ve read that month that I loved, other items I’m currently obsessing over, and any hot sales that I see! The other could be a DIY, about a clothing item I’ve made, or just about anything else.

This first post of the new year will be bout how to stay organized in 2018! One of the many problems a lot of people face is staying organized. For me, staying organized and on top of things is the only way I’m able to function! Here are my tips on how to do so.

  1. GET A PLANNER. Not just any planner, a good planner. I decided to buckle down and get a Day Designer planner from Target because not only do they have the monthly segments, they also have daily checklist pages as well with LONG weekly to-do lists which I desperately need (now maybe I won’t need super long lists on my phone!!). This is the one I just purchased! This one is 8×10 inches and under $25!!BlackStripeCover_large
  2. Get a dry erase calendar. These are great for forgetful people. You don’t have to worry about remembering a planner everywhere you go. These can be command stripped or tacked to the wall in under 5 minutes and are also very helpful because you can see everything for your week/month written out all in one place! Here is a nice one. This one’s great because it has every week day but also a section for notes. It’s found at Walmart for less than $20!e1f90f96-b66b-4fc1-bbd7-d9459cddff71_1.eb5870b939e3e43d59561e6ed2080efb
  3. Download Wunderlist. Wunderlist is a really cool app that is a planner in your pocket. You’re able to make multiple lists, collaborate on projects with other users of the app, and even create reminders. The nice thing is that they have all these different items all in one place! Definitely worth it in my book and it’s 100% free!!

    I hope you enjoyed this post about how to get organized for 2018! These are three great ways to get your tasks in order and be stress free in the new year! Hope y’all enjoyed this post and look forward to much more content in 2018!

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Senior Fashion Merchandising/Apparel Design major at Georgia Southern University! This is my blog where I post about lifestyle, fashion, and make DIYs for you to copy! I would love to connect so give me a follow (:

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