DIY Pom-Pom Earrings

Hey guys!! Back again with a super fun and easy DIY. I’ve recently been mega-obsessed with pom-pom earrings and I decided instead of spending upwards of $40 on them I would make them myself for under $10! All my supplies were from Hobby Lobby and I’ll give the full retail price of all items, links to them, and then what I got them for on sale as well.



  • Yarn: Hobby Lobby (Retail: $3.99, on sale for $3.66 right now)
  • Pliers: Dollar Tree (Retail: $1.00)
  • Gold Rings: Hobby Lobby (Retail: $4.99, on sale for $2.49)
  • Earring Posts: Hobby Lobby (Retail: $2.99, on sale for $1.49)
  • Gold Chain: Hobby Lobby (Retail: $9.99, I couldn’t find the one I used but it was $4.99 on sale for $2.49 as well)
  • Scissors
  • Piece of Cardboard OR Pom-pom Maker

Most people say to buy pom-pom makers to make pom-poms and they actually aren’t that expensive; however, my method is easy and virtually free. All you need is a shoe box (or any type of cardboard)!

It really doesn’t matter what size your pom-pom makers are but I decided on a medium size so that when they’re cut down to size your poms are still pretty thick/full. For your large circle, use a round household item that’s about 3-4 inches in diameter. For the inner smaller circle, use a cap of a soda bottle or shampoo bottle. I used a small clorox bottle for the larger circle and a small coffee creamer for the inner circle (yes, literally a creamer lol).

Now here are the steps to make yourself some adorable pom-pom earrings!

1.Use a flap of a cardboard box (mine was the box my Marketing textbook came in) and trace out the two circles. Once the circles are cut out, add two small lines at an angle going towards the middle of the inner circle. Then cut out the traced lines.


2. Place both of the cardboard cut out rings together and begin to wrap the yarn around them until it’s super full. Cut away from roll of yarn.


3. Once you have the yarn wrapped around the cardboard, put your scissors in-between both pieces and cut the wrapped yarn until all the pieces look like they do in the second photo.


4. Once all your pieces are cut, clip a 6-7 inch string from you ball of yarn and pull it through the gap between both cardboard pieces. After you have both ends wrapped around, tie as tight a knot as you can and clip it to the length of all the other strings.


5. After your pom-pom is tied, it will look like the first picture. The next step is to trim the pom-pom until it looks fluffy and uniform.


6. Now we start the earring part! Once you have your pom-pom trimmed, find your middle string by looking around through the others. When you find it, grab your pliers and take the first metal ring and hook it around the middle string.


7. The next step is to hook your chain onto the metal loop. I made three sets of pom-pom earrings and made each chain 2.5 inches long. This  was 1) the best length for the earrings but 2) will allow you to make about three pairs (with an 18″ chain)!


8. The FINAL step is to hook your second metal eing through the earring stud and the second end of the chain.




And there you have it! Some cute, easy, and cheap pom-pom earrings! I hope y’all enjoyed this DIY.

xoxo, Mandy

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Senior Fashion Merchandising/Apparel Design major at Georgia Southern University! This is my blog where I post about lifestyle, fashion, and make DIYs for you to copy! I would love to connect so give me a follow (:

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