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Hey guys! Back again with another post. This one you will not want to miss out on! LOFT is currently having a mega-sale on their site. Cardmembers get 50% off everything, full price items for everyone else are 40% off, sale items are 50% off, and winter favorites are 60% OFF! These seven winter favorites are pieces I chose because they are some of my personal favs that I’ve seen in stores, online, or personally own. They’re all 60% off and under $30!

1.Smocked Blouson Top. This top is the perfect shade of pink. It looks great on all shapes, sizes, and colors of women! This is a top that I featured in my College Fashion article about statement sleeves (Click the hyperlink to read about it!). It’s subtle enough for shoppers who aren’t so keen to try trends that are out of the norm. This top is on sale today for only $23.80!

2. Cascade Open Cardigan. This cardigan is one of the softest that I own. It is perfect for chilly days as well as light enough for warmer winter days! I purchased this a few weeks back and have worn it like 5 times already. It has wool in it though so if your skin can’t handle it make a note of that! Wool usually bothers my skin as well but I have had no issues with this sweater at all. This sweater comes in a gray but also in a cream color that’s nice. I would’ve gotten it in both if they’d been available! It’s also on sale today for only $23.80!

3. Snow Day Sweater. This sweater is the cutest thing ever. The stripes set it apart from other similar ones because it has such unique colors. The coolest part about this sweater is that the wrists and neckline are made of an almost chenille type of yarn which makes it even more perfect for snow days! It’s on sale today for just $27.80!

4. Lou & Grey Signaturesoft Hoodie. As with any Lou & Grey signaturesoft items, this is the best thing to ever exist. I got this during a different 60% off sale and I wear it whenever I have to run any errands, ESPECIALLY on lazy Sunday’s. Signaturesoft items are best described as “this is so soft how is this even possible.” This hoodie is no exception! It pairs great with leggings, sweatpants or even jeans. It comes in the gray that’s featured but also an olive tone that is nice as well. Today it’s on sale for $23.80!

5. Diamond Pocket Flippy Skirt. This skirt is perfect for a day at the office or an evening on the town! The pockets add a little flair to a basic shift skirt. That’s what really made it stand out to me. This skirt pairs well with sweaters, blouses, or even t-shirts! It’s great for all seasons or events and is definitely worth the purchase. It’s on sale for just $23.80!

6. Floral Embroidered Zip Skirt. This skirt is one that I saw on the website and immediately was like “I. NEED. THAT.” It’s a very thick material that is offset by the floral embroidery. The zipper also adds a more casual element to this skirt. I personally love this with a pink blouse or sweater. It draws in the pink from the flowers! Today it’s on sale for only $27.80!

7. Chambray Drawstring Tulip Hem Shorts. These shorts are basically the most comfortable, chic shorts you’ll find. Any chambray items from LOFT are the most comfortable items you’ll try on. I have a chambray button-up top that is great for any occasion. These shorts are cute because of the tulip detailing and drawstring waist. The drawstring really elevates the look from that of a basic short and the tulip detail is unique and offers additional space for movement. Perfect for errand running or when rushing to class! They’re on sale for only $23.80!

Thanks as always for reading my post! I love all of the support you guys give. I hope you find some awesome items today for a great price and as always remember to subscribe on my home page to never miss a post!

xoxo, Mandy

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