5 Boss Lady Brands You Need to Know About

Hello guys! Back with my Saturday morning post. This is my first post of February and I’m just as excited as you are! I decided that I should highlight five awesome boss lady businesses that are doing awesome things for people and/or the environment!

I am also a brand representative for two of these brands so I will post my referral links/coupon codes to those as well. Other than that, I hope you guys enjoy this post and end up loving these brands as much as I do! All links to the sites are hyperlinked in the names so just click and you’ll be automatically redirected!

1.The Factinista:

Screen Shot 2018-01-31 at 9.28.50 AM

The Factinista is the first company I am a brand ambassador for! What originally drew me to them is that they are very politically inclined! The brand was spawned from the recent censorship of media and the  lies of “fake news.” This brand is for #factivist ladies who wish to be outspoken, future leaders, and who love to give back.

Each statement on their items are tied directly to a policy initiative or personal truth. They also donate 10% of their profits to the Committee to Protect Journalists. As Americans, freedom of speech is our most important right. Taking this away is an attack on our personal freedoms and that is why The Factinista is a great brand!

They sell sweatshirts, tees, and many varieties of accessories. The mug and tote below are two of my favorite items. My brand rep code is “AMANDAJ15” and it’ll give you 15% off your order! Just enter it at the check out.

2. Dazey LA

Screen Shot 2018-01-31 at 9.49.28 AM

DazeyLA is the second shop that I became a brand representative for and let me tell you, it’s an AMAZING company. If you love bohemian-esque, vintage clothing with a great backstory then this is the company for you! Prided on their use of slow fashion, DazeyLA creates handmade and hand drawn designs that they add to the softest tees and cutest accessories you’ll ever wear.

All items are handmade here in the US at their Los Angeles warehouse and it’s all ethical! DazeyLA is an awesome brand that supports awesome women and the creator, Danielle, often uses her platform to speak about hot topics facing the country at large. Can you say intersectional feminism?

The brand has awesome tees, accessories, and other apparel that will quickly become closet staples. I also have a brand rep code for you guys! Use “JOHNSON” at the checkout for 10% off of your purchase. I actaully have the shirt below to the right. It says “Females Are Strong As Hell” and it’s mega-cute and super comfy.

3. Olive and Iris

Screen Shot 2018-01-31 at 10.08.29 AM

Olive & Iris is a little different than the rest of these companies because their products are based on a modern Asian lifestyle. The founders both started this company while living in Bangkok and decided then that they wanted to source and create modern Asian products to homes everywhere.

Olive & Iris are as eco-friendly as they are dedicated to fair trade! They source all of their items locally and domestically which supports the community and small businesses. One of the coolest things about this company is that they use water hyacinth which is noxious to plants in tropical regions. This gives them awesome products as well as helps small tropical towns.

They choose to focus on just natural products that they can find in the environment because items that are synthetic/man-made contribute to various environmental issues and are not biodegradable. They also chose to be strictly an ecommerce business  because it uses 30% less energy than traditional retail stores. Their company sells items such as basket bags, clutches, and homeware items like the tea strainer below.


4. Girlfriend Collective

Screen Shot 2018-01-31 at 9.41.22 AM.png

Girlfriend Collective is all about the environment! Their motto is literally “Leggings for people who care.” They use recycled polyester from plastic bottles that they source from Taiwan from an island that used to be called “Garbage Island.” The plastic they use does not contain BPA so it’s as safe as any of your name brand plastic water bottles!

They pride themselves on being government certified which means they only use post-consumer water bottles and NOT brand new water bottles that are said to be recycled. Girlfriend Collective also uses environmentally friendly dyeing treatments and have a factory in Vietnam where they pay their workers fair and livable wages (125% of the local minimum wage!!).

Probably my favorite thing about this brand is that they’re super transparent and have all of this listed on their “About” page! They have very affordable workout leggings and tops and get rave reviews on all items. I also love how they use models of all shapes, sizes, and colors!

5. The Little Market

Screen Shot 2018-01-31 at 10.21.14 AM

The Little Market is honestly one of the cutest shops I’ve ever seen. It was founded by Lauren Conrad ( my fav!!) and Hannah Skvaria. This company is a nonprofit “founded by women to empower women.” All items are fair trade, ethically sourced, and artisan made.

All sales from products are kept within the company to support artisan and any surplus is used to purchase new products as well as to expand the number of artisans they work with around the world. Some of the greatest things this company does is that they have literacy workshops, business training, and health programs for all of their artisans. Not only are they giving women in marginalized and disadvantaged countries a way to support themselves, but they’re also giving them amazing programs to help them succeed even further!

This company sells the most adorable home goods. They have items including: candles, kitchen and dining supplies, and gifts! I personally ordered the adorable “pretty things inside” bag below.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post featuring some of the best brands out there that are also dear to my heart! If you shop at any of these brands, awesome people will benefit all over the world. Stay true to yourself and stay informed!

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xoxo, Mandy

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