DIY Placemat Clutch

My first Saturday post in March will be this super awesome DIY! I was browsing around TJMaxx the other day and happened to see this placemat on clearance for just $2.00! It gave me instant inspiration to create this post!

I decided I would try to make a clutch out of it. I’ve seen semi-similar clutch DIY’s around the internet but I feel like mine is super simple and has very few steps. This is a DIY post on how you can make one too! It took me less than an hour to make and only includes a little bit of hand sewing.



  • Placemat (Any color. Mine is 22in around half of it!)
  • 22in Zipper (Can be invisible or not. I like the invisible look more.)
  • Pins (Any kind. I have these flat head ones from Hobby Lobby!)
  • Needle & Thread (Any color. I just chose white and it blended in well!)
  • Scissors

1.Fold your placemat in half to see how it would look once it’s completed.


2. Lay out your placemat and your zipper to make sure they’re the same length. I happened to get lucky with this because I just guessed what length would be best!


3. Iron out your zipper and then separate it to begin pinning it to your placemat.


4. To make sure you remember where the center of your placemat is, mark it with a pin.


5. Pin the first half of the zipper to one side of the placemat.


6. Start to stitch the zipper to the first side of the placemat.


7. Your stitches can be spaced about half an inch apart and still work perfectly. This is how it will look.


8. Start sewing up the second side of the zipper and zip it continuously as you go up the side.


9. Check to make sure it’s sewn up well on each side. I had a small gap at the end but it’s perfectly fine that you do!

10. You’re all set! Now you can wear your clutch out and about. This is how I styled mine:


I hope y’all enjoyed this super simple DIY! As you can see it’s mega-cute and works with so many outfits! As always, don’t forget to subscribe on my home page! Thank y’all for your support.

xoxo, Mandy

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Senior Fashion Merchandising/Apparel Design major at Georgia Southern University! This is my blog where I post about lifestyle, fashion, and make DIYs for you to copy! I would love to connect so give me a follow (:

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