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Since I didn’t have enough March favorites (yah girl was BUSY), I decided I would do a favorites post on a new collection! Target’s new Opalhouse line just released online this morning! It’s a home decor line that has everything from chic shower curtains all the way to dinner plates!

It’s all so cute and so I decided to pick a few of my favs to show you guys. I chose nine of my top picks from this collection to write this post about! They’re all under $30 so super affordable and will look great in any space!

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You can also automatically shop these items through my page! This is now on my primary menu on my homepage (yay!) but I also will link it (here).

1. Pom Pom Woven Basket: This basket was the first thing I saw when I first started browsing the collection and was really like “WOW I NEED THIS.” I have loved the look of pom-pom baskets for so long and this one is no exception! Most that I’ve seen have been really pricey, so the fact that this is a large pom-pom basket and it’s under $20 makes it a STEAL! This basket also comes in a black option so if that fits your room aesthetic more then definitely check it out!

2. Pleated Velvet Lumbar Pillow: Target made so many different pillow options for this Opalhouse collection and so naturally I need them all.  Y’all know that pink is MY COLOR. That’s most definitely why I had to add this onto my list of favorites. This is much larger than my photo set lets on and is actually 14x20in. The perfect size for an accent pillow for your bed or couch! This pillow is only $26.99 and also comes in two other colors! If your room theme fits more with a deep navy or a dark maroon, you also have those as an option!

3. Green Canary Salad Plate: This design is TO DIE FOR y’all. Out of all of the plate designs in this Opalhouse collection this was my number one fav. Another cool thing Target did with this collection was that they showed you what items look well together in a room as well as what plates work well as a set! They’re all only $1.99 so a four-piece set brings you in right under $8!! Such a steal. I included a photo of a potential set below:


4. Gold Palm Frame: I chose this frame first because of how sophisticated it is but also because of the photo inside. I just LOVED the flower design in the stock photo (weird??). I felt like I should add a frame in my favorites because these are a staple in any room setting! They show off cherished memories as well as really tie together an entire room concept. They have many frame options for this line but this was my favorite….and it’s only $14.99!

5. Papaya Kitchen Towel: “I love it when you call me big Papaya.” The cutest pun in all of life if we’re being honest. That is the quote that is on this kitchen towel! Not only are the colors ADORABLE, but this pun is so funny (I’m all about puns). I’m also always looking for cute ways to spruce up my kitchen with subtle pops of color and this is a perfect way to do so! This papaya kitchen towel is only $3.00 and will brighten up any dark kitchen setting!

6. Cactus Salt Shaker: As a cactus lover as well as someone who uses salt (LOL), this salt shaker is a MUST HAVE for my kitchen! The Opalhouse collection has a few other cactus themed kitchen items including: a round cactus salt shaker (it kind of looks like a tomato to me though) and a cactus cookie jar! At just $2.99 though you can’t go wrong with this adorable little shaker!

7. Multi-Colored Pom Pom Pillow: This pom-pom pillow is FABULOUS! I’m living for this okay. I love the almost burlap texture of the actual pillow and the multi-colored poms add subtle pops of color that elevate the entire accent piece. But wait…there’s more! It also has TASSELS! They really just stalked my Instagram feed and found out everything I like to add it onto one pillow, it’s fine. Plus it’s less than $20! Definitely a must have.

8. Stoneware Reactive Mug: Y’all know me and how much I love coffee. I had to add a mug into this set! Well when it comes to this mug I am LOVING this rustic design. This style of mug is super popular lately. They’re mass-produced yet look like a classic handmade mug! I adore the subtle transition from color to color on this one and it’s only $5.99! You can’t beat that.

9. Woven Elephant Basket: Okay this is honestly a completely random item. I can’t think of many purposes for this except maybe just a random storage basket buttt IT’S SO CUTE. I am all about the animals and I think this is just adorable. I would say this is a “treat yo’ self” piece but at just $24.99 I think that’s a pretty good deal. The Opalhouse collection has many animal items throughout including peacock items which are also cute and work well in many spaces.

I hope y’all enjoyed this post! If you want to shop all these items at once, don’t forget to check out my page which is linked (here) as well as up above. Thank you guys for reading and being such great supporters of my blog <3

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