8 Chic Espadrilles Under $50

Espadrilles are literally the perfect summer shoe. They exude relaxation but also elevate your style to the next level! These eight espadrilles are all different styles but will be sure to upgrade your wardrobe.

I found all these espadrilles online and they’re currently all under $50.00! Not only will you be able to afford all of them, but you can even get two pairs for less than $100.00 which is so great!

1. Brae Espadrille Platform Slip-On: These platforms are literally my favorite shoes for the spring/summer. Y’all already know I’m obsessed with bright and shiny things (hence SEQUINSandsales) and these shoes are no exception. Rose gold everything is my motto! They’re also only $39.98 which is a totally affordable price especially for staple shoes like these.

2. Espadrille Loafer Slides: These next espadrilles are great if you are always on-the-go! They’re very easy to just throw on and go and will be able to take you wherever you desire! The color is also fantastic and will match literally any color or pattern combination. These espadrilles are just $30.00 so perfect to run all over town in!

3. Larissa Espadrille Sandal: These sandals are the bomb.com y’all. I love everything that has multiple straps and that is mustard so this combo is obviously a winner in my book. Target has a really similar pair (in a lighter yellow and a darker brown) that’s only $32.99 but these are still really affordable at $44.99 and might be a little bit better quality!

4. Women’s Fringed Slip-On Espadrilles: This pair of espadrilles is great to wear with a white outfit/white jeans! They’re a nice deep shade of navy and will contrast perfectly with the bright white. These are also very affordable at only $34.99! They’ll also give you a slight boost in height with the subtle platform.

5. Linda Gemstone Espadrilles: Okay did anyone ever think espadrilles could be posh? Well they can! These are super cute and extremely chic. The color is very upscale and the gemstones add a flair to the classic style of espadrilles. These are on the higher price side because of this detailing though at $48.99. They’re most definitely worth the cost though!

6. Leanne Espadrille Mules: Of course I added another super shiny mule to the mix. These have my classic “sequins” so you know I had to throw them in. The rose gold is TO DIE FOR and is super perfect to wear to a casual summer wedding or just to work! At $44.99 they’re also the perfect price for either of those events.

7. Sam Edelman Natty Espadrilles: These are some of my personal favs. I love anything platform because it makes me look taller (and I like feeling like a giant, it’s fun) so that’s one way they’re awesome! They also are a very nice neutral shade of tan that will look good with literally any outfit. They’re also nonly $40.50 and will definitely be able to be worn a bunch!

8. Navy Slub Chambray Katalina Espadrilles: I threw these in here because they are so different from all the rest of the espadrilles. These lace-up espadrilles are so cute and unique! The tassels on the laces are such a nice contrast from the rest of the shoe and will allow these to tie-in with a ton of different looks. They’re the highest priced on the list but will be sure not to disappoint!

I hope y’all enjoyed this post and have a nice time shopping these awesome shoes!

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xoxo, Mandy

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