About Me: Amanda Johnson a.k.a Sequins and Sales

So I did an Instagram poll and asked if y’all wanted me to do an About Me post! I know I love when I can find out more about my fav influencers and even celebrities. It really shows that people are all the same even though they are different!

If you have any similarities with me I would LOVE for you to comment so we can chat! I love making new friends and meeting new people (that being said, if you’re in NYC before August 10th I would 100% be down to get food, or coffee, or to even adventure!).

Main “About Me” Things:

1. I am mixed (Black/White)! No, I’m not Puerto Rican, Hispanic, Hawaiian, or Asian (?? yes I have gotten that).

Mom & I at the Beach (90’s Aesthetic AF)
(Left to Right): Me, My sister, My grandma

2. I’ve lived with my sister, mom, and dog (RIP) since 2005 in Grovetown, GA (right outside of Augusta, GA and about two hours from Atlanta, GA).

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Me, My sister, My dog, and My mom (Thanksgiving 2016)

3. My hair has always been INSANE (It was Christmas here though so cut me some slack).

Christmas Morning

4. I grew up Catholic (and still consider myself to be so).

My First Communion

5. I played Soccer for 13 years (and regret ever stopping). My team also won state in 2008 and I have a plaque with my name on it at a local park (Blanchard Woods Park in Evans, GA).

Rec Department Soccer

6. I am a MAJOR Harry Potter fan (like can quote all the movies word for word).

Butterbeer HP World (Summer 2017)

7. I am a massive feminist who is active in Women’s Rights, Human Rights, Sustainability, etc. Basically I just want world peace is that too much to ask?

Women’s March 2018 (Statesboro, GA)

8. I have had a bunch of part-time jobs/internships in my life. I started at 16 years old working seasonally at Justice and then ended up there for almost two years! I also did a really cool costumer design internship the summer before college and made historically accurate costumes at a little shop called Vintage Ooollee in Augusta, GA. I also am currently seasonally working at LOFT in Augsuta, GA as well!



Birth – 8 Years Old:

So I was born in Newark, Delaware on December 9th, 1996 (millennial or Gen Z the world may never know). I lived there for about three years and then moved to Trenton, New Jersey when my sister was born in 1999. She’s was also born in December (on the 6th) and is about three years younger than me.

We stayed in Trenton for about a year (don’t quote me on that) and then I moved to Burlington, New Jersey. I went to a private Catholic school (yikes uniforms) called St. Paul for Kindergarten and 1st grade and that’s where I learned to read!

So I’ve always been super competitive (probably because I started sports at 3 years old) and my friend in Kindergarten got to stay in from recess and read with our teacher. I guess I’ve always been a teachers pet as well because I wanted to stay in from recess and read too! I started with Magic Tree House books and then the Junie B. Jones series and it grew from there.

I moved back to Delaware for a year and all I can remember is the stomach flu that year was insane at my school and that we had hundreds of thousands of lady bugs around there that my friends and I collected at recess. My parents then split up and we moved to Georgia and I’ve been there ever since!

Picture Fails at 8 Years Old

8 Years Old – High School:

Going from up north to GA was horrible at first because I had some family members and some teachers yell at me for not using “ma’am” and “sir” and just saying “okay” in reply to someone was disrespectful (so terrible for an 8 year old who didn’t know any better).

Other than that I made awesome friends in elementary school and started getting really good at soccer! It was my favorite thing to do and I played year round on multiple teams but mostly with the same coaches (who I loved).

I also started getting really into reading and ended up testing into the gifted program my 5th grade year! This kept me in accelerated classes throughout lower education but also helped me meet my best friends (I also straightened my hair every day and fried it off in 8th grade)! I don’t see these guys anymore but I still love them and hope they’re doing amazingly.

(Left to Right): Stephanie, Stephanie, Sarah, Me, Mallory

High School- Now: 

I started high school kind of lost as a lot of people do. Half of my friend group went to a different high school (including my guy friends who I was super close with) and it was really hard.

I stayed in gifted/advanced classes but math just started to get too hard. I had to drop down to regular math but kept everything else the same. Sophomore year was a nightmare and I slacked off + had hard classes and my grades suffered so badly I had to go into recovery mode my junior and senior year.  BUT I graduated and got the HOPE academic scholarship.

Throughout high school I ran Track and Cross Country. When I played soccer I used to play midfielder so running is just in my bones I guess. I’m now a (rising) senior in college! I have come a VERY long way since high school and hope to only go up from here!

Pinks Nails & Ombre’ Hair for Graduation


Q: What is your full name?

A: Amanda Mary Johnson. Mary is after my great-grandmother on my mom’s side! It’s my grandmother and mother’s middle name as well. My mom chose “Amanda” as my name because it means “loved” so I guess that’s kinda cute.

Q: Who are my favorite celebrities? 

A: They aren’t the cliche ones like Kim K (not a fan tbh) or famous MUA’s (didn’t even know what that stood for until May of this year). Michelle Obama, Zendaya, Tracee Ellis Ross, Emma Watson, and Sophia Bush. Hands down. I LOVEEE them all for different (but also kinda the same) reasons. All are feminists, are really involved in politics, and all really and truly care about people.

Q: How did I come up with Sequins and Sales?

A: Honestly I just thought to myself “what do I like the most in this world” and that answer is sequins (well glitter (but that didn’t flow), yah girl loves anything that sparkles) and sales (I have been a budget buyer my whole life). It was honestly harder than that because I thought I would want to use my real name (Amanda Johnson, Mandy Johnson, Manda  Mary, etc.) but ANYTHING AMANDA JOHNSON WAS REGISTERED THE FIRST WEEK INSTAGRAM WAS FOUNDED.

Q: Where do I go to college/what is my major?

A: Georgia Southern University // Major: Fashion Merchandising/Apparel Design // Minor: Marketing


Q: What is my internship this summer?

A: I’m completing a 10 week Sourcing internship with Ascena Retail (who owns Ann Taylor, LOFT, Lou & Grey, LOFT Outlet, Ann Taylor Factory, Dressbarn, Catherine’s, Layne Bryant, Maurices, and Justice)

Q: What do I plan on doing next?

A: I have one semester left of undergrad after this and then I have to complete another full-time internship to graduate! Then I plan on going to grad school for either Design and Consumer Sciences or Fashion Law.

Q: How tall are you?

A: 5’6″ (lol) i put this on here so whenever you’re shopping my LIKEtoKNOW.it you can use that as a reference!

Q: How old are you:

A: 21

I think that’s literally everything you could ever know about me! This was probably my longest post to date but I had a blast writing it! I hope y’all liked this post and these throwback pics of me (LOL). If you wanna know literally anything else juts leave a comment below!

Thanks again!

xoxo, Mandy

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