The Perfect Jewelry Subscription Box For Any Occasion

The Perfect Jewelry Subscription Box For Any Occasion

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Today on the blog I’m talking about the coolest jewelry subscription box ever! Normally I’m iffy signing up for things because I’m scared 1) that I won’t be able to stop the subscription when I would like or 2) that it won’t be what I really want. Well that’s not the case with Rocksbox!

This is such a great service because you pay only $21/month (get your first month free using code “sequinsandsalesxoxo” at checkout) and the $21 goes into your account as a credit! That way if you like anything in your box you get that $21 added to your cost of paying for the jewelry item.

As a member, you also get exclusive access to their clearance items which are anything but. They’re all the cutest, latest styles just at a discounted price!


It’s also the best because you can wear the items as long as you want and then return them when you’re done! So for $21 you basically get three items that retail for $35 or more for as long as you want AND you get a credit towards one of them.

You get a personal stylist who chooses three items per month BUT you can change out the items 24 hours before they ship. My stylist had three different items in my box (two I wasn’t really feeling) and I got the items I requested! You can leave a little comment like “I would really love that Kendra Scott necklace” and they do their best to listen!


Have a special event coming up? You can let them know! That’s another cool part of this subscription. They really try to tailor the jewelry to your tastes every month which is different than most other subscription boxes.

The way they tailor it is that you add 30 items to your wish-list. You can easily add or remove items which is also nice. The best part is you can have a “Top 10” list where it lets you add the items you REALLY REALLY want. All three of my items this month were in my top ten!

Wish List.PNG

How do you return the box? All you have to do is re-box your items and ship them using the exact same box and bag they sent to you! They add a free return label inside so you can use that to ship anything back that you don’t want to buy. So no money lost on shipping!

Want to keep everything? That’s great! It’s awesome that you want to buy everything in your box. The best part is that you get a discount with every item you add to your cart. If you buy two items you get $10 off and if you buy three items you get $20 OFF!! So if I really wanted the tortoiseshell earrings (which I do and requested them) then I would only pay $21!

Rocksbox Box.PNG

I really really think this is the best way to get jewelry. I haven’t been the biggest jewelry girl before but this is such an affordable and easy choice for me as a college student. If you think about it cost wise, one really cute pair of earrings costs you around $21 (or much more!!). This way you get three name brand items PER MONTH and you can keep them as long as you like.

I definitely wouldn’t be collaborating with Rocksboxunless I truly believed it’s a great deal so I 100% recommend signing up! You can cancel whenever you want (even right after your 1-month free) but I doubt you’ll be wanting to once you start receiving these super cute jewelry items!

If you think this is something you want to try, use my code “sequinsandsalesxoxo” to get your first month free and start picking your items right now!


I hope y’all enjoyed this post and if you decide to sign up definitely tag me on Instagram with your lovely items! My handle is @sequinsandsales for anyone not already following me.

xoxo, Mandy

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