How to Gain 100K Monthly Viewers on Pinterest

Hello all! Today on the blog I decided I was going to talk about how I managed to achieve an increase of literally OVER 100K MONTHLY VIEWS in ONLY TWO MONTHS! I know there are a lot of posts similar to this one; however, I did this by spending literally NO MONEY!

Blogs cost a lot and growing a following involves a lot of time, effort, and MONEY. I knew I didn’t want to spend anything to promote my pins so I tried my best to get organic viewers and to get them to add up quickly!

I started Month 1 with I think only like 25-50 followers. I had just started a Pinterest account for my blog and I knew I wanted to try and grow it quickly but I didn’t know how. I read MANY posts about rich pins, paying to promote your pins, and Tailwind (which I’ll talk more about later).

I decided I was only going to use free methods so this is the plan of action that I took! I am in a few Facebook groups that allowed me to get added into group Pinterest boards but I have only posted in them a few times so that’s not the main way I gained views. They’re nice to be in though!

How to Gain Views Quickly: 

1. Join Tailwind (ONLY the free trial). This was the best thing ever because within the first month I started my Pinterest account I was working part-time, finishing up my spring semester of classes, and then starting my summer A term classes. You can schedule pins and it will post them to your designated boards by itself!

The free trial gives you 100 free scheduled Pins and the site also lays out when your busiest traffic times are. This was great because some of these were at 10pm or 3am! That’s why this was an awesome tool for me. I gained all these views only using around 70 pins with Tailwind.

My growth has started to slow so that could be because I haven’t been using Tailwind anymore but I haven’t had as much time lately to pin things. I don’t know for sure what the cause is! If you end up loving Tailwind and you do want to upgrade, then it’s $14/month. If that’s in your budget then go for it!

2. Re-pin at least 5-10 photos from your main feed every day. These are the posts that you see from everyone in your network! It’s a great way to engage with other bloggers/friends and to find people who share your tastes and interests.

Re-pinning their items will get you on their radar AND they might end up re-pinning your posts too! Then there’s a free flow of pins between y’all and you can both help each other gain some monthly viewers.

3. In the Search box, go through the “Trending Ideas” section. This is the best tip that I have. This allows you to re-post the current trending pins across Pinterest and allows viewers to see your posts on the trending page as well! Now you don’t have to save from ALL of the boards. I’ve seen some weird trending pins and I also don’t have a board for tattoos either. Choose 2-3 topics out of them and save from those!

My largest suggestion for this one is to make sure to save 3-5 pins from each trending section per day. I usually do it once in the morning and once in the afternoon/evening. When starting out, maybe try to do it during your lunch break as well! The more pins, the better visibility.

Month 1: (April 26th-May 26th)
Month 2: (May 26th- June 26th)

As you can see my growth totally spiked once I hit June. It was crazy and I could see it doubling every day! These three tips will 100% allow your Pinterest to grow which can definitely help when, and if,  you decide you want to work with brands!

The best part of it all is you won’t be spending any money either! I hope y’all enjoyed this post! If you did be sure to give my blog a follow and follow me on Instagram as well!

xoxo, Mandy

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