Three of the Best Products for Curly and/or Mixed Hair

Three of the Best Products for Curly and/or Mixed Hair

So just to let you know, I’m mixed. My dad is African American and my mom is Caucasian. I’ve had multi-textured, curly hair my whole life. It has taken me all 21 years of my life to find hair products that work for me! I have struggled to find things that don’t damage my hair, keep it soft, and to keep the frizz away! Some days I do struggle (obviously humidity is against curly haired girls) but these products have helped so much!

I figured it’s best to just list out my routine of doing my hair to kind of show you what I do on a day to day basis. I decided to add the three products I use up top just so you know where to find them! I’ll start by letting you know that I go against all the rules of curly hair care and wash my hair every day (BUT I only shampoo it like once a week).

I am also a #brokecollegestudent so all products are under $10 and when bought in bulk won’t cost an entire paycheck! It may hurt your heart a bit when you run out all at once but you’ll still be able to buy all the groceries you need. In total it’s only a $20 investmentMore good news: these can all also be purchased at Walmart!

Products I use: 

1. Mane n’ Tail (Conditioner and Shampoo): $5.97 (Conditioner) & $6.18 (Shampoo)

Literally the best stuff ever y’all. I switched to the cheap, under $2 Suave for ONE YEAR and it ruined my entire curl pattern. Like destroyed it. Mane n’ Tail can be used for humans or animals so you know it has to be gentle. I switched back to these after about a year and roughly the same amount of time later my curls were back and popping!


2. Curly Kids Leave-In-Conditioner: $3.97

YES I use kids hair product. I have no shame! Curly Kids Leave-In-Conditioner works really well for my hair and it seriously does the trick. The cream makes my hair soft and shiny without making it crunchy and gross. Make sure to ALWAYS use this before the next product.


3. Palmer’s Coconut Oil Body Lotion: $3.97

Again, you’re probably like “BODY LOTION?!” but seriously y’all it’s the best. Palmer’s Coconut Oil Body Lotion is light enough to not make your hair look oily but it also moisturizes (which is something curly hair really needs).


My Routine: 

The night before:

1. I shower and condition my hair with Mane n’ Tail, and then rinse it out (I will shampoo with Mane n’ Tail usually on Wednesdays and Sundays but condition it every day).

2. After my shower, I add in a little quarter size amount of Mane n’ Tail conditioner to my wet hair.

3. I then add about a quarter size amount (maybe a little bit more) of Curly Kids Leave-In-Conditioner to my hair.

4. Next, I squeeze about a quarter size amount of Coconut Oil Lotion into my hand and run it through my hair.

5. Lastly, I wrap my hair in a t-shirt (it’s better for your hair than a towel) and go to sleep!

The next morning:

1. I take my hair out of my towel.

2. I find my part (sort of) and dampen my hair a little more with a spray bottle or just my hands and water.

3. I add about a quarter size amount more of Curly Kids Leave-In-Conditioner to my hair.

That’s It!

This process allows my curls to shape up and dry without frizzing (most of the time)! I don’t think I’ll ever be able to get rid of all the frizz but this is definitely good enough. I have tried so many products over the years it’s crazy. It also only take me about 5 minutes at night and 5 minutes in the morning. For someone who doesn’t like to waste time this is great!

I have previously tried alcohol based products that end up frizzing my hair up really badly (i.e. Aussie mousse); or products that make my hair hard and crunchy (i.e. Garnier Fructis); and I’ve also tried the exact opposite with more oil based products and they make my hair look greasy and gross (i.e. Luster’s Pink Original Hair Lotion). It’s been a process, so the fact that this routine works is so great!


MAJOR TIP: Make sure that you apply your cream based products (If using my picks: Mane n’ Tail and Curly Kids Leave-In-Conditioner) before your oil based products (If using my picks: Coconut Oil Body Lotion) regardless of which ones you use! I recently found this out and I can 100% tell a difference in frizz.

I hope this helps other curly haired girls out there potentially find some awesome new products to try. If you have any other recommendations, definitely let me know in the comments!

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xoxo, Mandy

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