July Round-Up: Name Brand Looks for Less

July Round-Up: Name Brand Looks for Less

Happy Saturday lovelies! Today on the blog I’ve rounded up some of my favorite July looks for less that are perfect for the summer months! I added the higher priced versions of each item as well as the more affordable dupes (although the earring “dupes” from OSOSNEWYORK came out first so you be the judge!).

I’m always for saving an extra dollar so when thinking of a great next post I thought I’d share with you guys my tips to looking cute while staying on budget! Whenever I find a name brand item I like, for instance the white Steve Madden sandals, I will always Google around to see if there are similar items for less!

This is the tactic I used for this post and you can see how easy it is to find more affordable versions of super cute, yet a bit more pricey, items. Take a look below to shop these looks! I was inspired by my own wardrobe for this post so shop my look below! I’m wearing 4/5 of the items in this post.


1. Gold Hoop Earrings:

These are such staples for the summer guys. They’re extremely light-weight as well as subtle. Perfect for a date night or even just a trip to the store! Whatever you choose to do you can choose between this first pair from Anthropologie or from the second pair that I found on Etsy from OSOSNEWYORK.

2. Round Straw Bag:

These are legitimately the perfect summer bags (at least in my opinion). They’re super beachy and just give an all around vibe of relaxation. Which doesn’t mean you’re dressing down either! The first from Urban Outfitters is $34 which is actually still affordable in my book, but for something made of straw I felt more comfortable spending my money on the bag from Amazon!

3. Cut-Out Booties:

I get compliments on these all the time y’all. This isn’t me bragging but if you’re choosing something to invest in CHOOSE THESE SHOES. The pair from Free People is literally almost $200 but these dupes from Target are not only super cute/unique, affordable at just $32, but they’re DURABLE. I have been in NYC for three weeks, walked at least 18 miles every weekend, and every single time it has been in these shoes.

4. Denim/Chambray Button-Up Dress:

You can see how I dressed up the one from Old Navy above in my styled look! There’s also a more expensive version at Madewell. If you want real denim then I suggest going for that one! However, if you just want a lightweight summer dress, the Old Navy option is also a winner in my book.

5. White Sandals:

I decided I needed to invest in a white shoe for the summer because some items just look better with them. Target came in clutch again and I was able to score this cute pair for only $19 compared to the Steve Madden ones that are a retail cost of almost $50 (which for WHITE sandals I could not bring myself to spend).

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and found some super cute items perfect for the summer! If you decide to try them out, let me know by tagging me on IG with @sequinsandsales!

xoxo, Mandy

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