#HerConference Weekend Recap

HerConference Weekend Recap

Hey guys! So if you watch my Instagram stories, you know I attended #HerConference this past weekend on behalf of Her Campus and Almay! This is a sponsored post in partnership with Almay and Her Campus Media but all words and opinions are my own! Let me tell you, it was honestly one of the BEST weekends of my life.


This is going to be a pretty long post but it will be SO worth the read. Why should you be interested? I’m going to give away tips from industry leaders as well as life advice from some of the keynotes such as Logan Browning from Dear White People, Aisha Dee from The Bold Type, and Samantha Berry the Editor-In-Chief of Glamour Magazine!

Saturday, Day 1:


8:00am-9:00am: So I knew I wanted to take massive advantage of everything I could this weekend ESPECIALLY all the additional RSVP meals. This first one I got to sit FRONT ROW with the CEO of Vagisil. I was a little hesitant because, you know, vaginas are like taboo (yes, I just said the “V” word). It was nice to hear from such an outspoken #girlboss who seriously wants to help women and educate them on their lady needs.

My main takeaway: They’ve started a new type of “Plan B” (that’s not plan B but kinda) called Preventeza that IS NOT an abortion pill. It prevents the body from getting pregnant up to 72 hours after a mishap. It’s also currently BOGO free so girls, I highly suggest.

9:00am-10:00am: The Lady Gang was the first set of keynote speakers and they were sooo fun to listen to! They only started a few years ago and have already built their podcast into an empire. It’s so impressive.

My main takeaway: PURSUE WHAT YOU LOVE. They did/do this in their spare time still but they love every minute of it and you can see how excited they are when talking about their interviews and such.

10:20am-11:10am: “Be Your Own Boss” was the name of this next panel. This was honestly one of the most inspiring panels just because all these wonderful ladies have started from the ground up and helped other women solve specific problems in their lives!

My main takeaway: You may think you want to start a business but don’t know where to start RIGHT NOW….but that’s okay! They saw needs in the market and decided to address the issues they saw. This could happen tomorrow or 20 years from now!

11:30-12:20: “Reclaiming Kindness“: How Women Can Redefine What A Strong Woman Looks Like. This was also a STELLAR panel session. Well not really panel because it was just (I say just in literally only terms of amount of people) Fran Hauser. She has created a career out of being the nice girl in business and she explained her experiences and book!

My main takeaway: IT IS OK TO BE A NICE GIRL. Growing up if you’re a woman in business or finance you’re told you have to be mean and aggressive but that’s not necessarily true. She stated how you can be nice to people but still be a strong leader and I loved that so much.

1:50pm-2:40pm: Our next keynote after lunch was Aisha Dee aka Cat on The Bold Type! Now guys I am literally obsessed with that show. I binge watched the whole first season in less than a week so I LOVED seeing her in person. She spoke a lot about self-love and I enjoyed it a lot!


My main takeaway: You have to be happy with yourself and really understand that you are the best self you can be. Even if you don’t think you are currently your best self, you need to be happy that you have legs that walk, arms that move, and/or a brain that thinks.

3:00pm-3:50pm: “Side Hustle Life“: How to Pursue Your Passions in Your Spare Time. This panel was awesome to be in. I’ve always heard people on Twitter say “oh you have to have a side hustle” but no one ever says what those side hustles are or how they came to be.

The cool thing was seeing four different women with four different side hustles. Some have podcasts, some work with female candidates trying to run for office, and some freelance. Whatever your passion is, you can find a side hustle for you!

My main takeaway: Side hustles ARE a lot of work. Most of these women, even the bloggers, say how much time and effort they take. If you’re not looking to monetize, I suggest to make sure you don’t let it take up too much of your time.

4:10pm-5:10pm: The last keynote speaker was Nico Tortorella (they identify as non-binary and pan-sexual just to clarify why I am use they and them). This was the BEST keynote of my life guys. Honestly I’ll say you really just had to be there to experience this.

My main takeaway: This biggest problem in society is toxic masculinity. I 100% agreed with everything they said about the fact that men are always pushed to not be feminine but how everyone has both masculine AND feminine attributes and that we have to embrace that.

Saturday was 100% my favorite day of the weekend. It was filled with so many awesome speakers and I feel like I got so much insight into the industry and even myself!

Sunday, Day 2:


9:00am-10:00am: Our first keynote of the day was Samantha Berry aka the Editor-In-Chief of Glamour Magazine. Honestly I loved her and felt like she was my bff. She was so personable and fun to listen to. Her rise to EIC was also insanely inspiring as well.


My main takeaway: You have to work hard for what you want and maybe do things you don’t necessarily feel prepared for. She also reiterated that for anyone trying to go into print you MUST have a voice and you MUST be authentic.

10:20am-11:10am: “Make It Rain“: How to Monetize Your Digital Influence. This was a really cool panel for me as a blogger. They had two bloggers and two industry professionals who work on Influencer Marketing Platforms. I loved this because I was able to see that everything I was doing now was 100% working and the right stuff to do to start monetizing my blog and Instagram!

My main takeaway: Being an influencer/blogger is hard and once you become more successful at it you start having serious deadlines and legal contracts. It’s not all fun and posting pictures! You have to be prepared for the hard work too.

11:30am-12:20pm: “Pitch Yourself“: Building Your Media Kit.  This was a session I was really excited for but was a bit disappointed with afterwards. I did learn how to make a solid media kit but I feel like most of the time was wasted by pointless audience questions about the influencer’s Instagram feed.

My main takeaway: Your media kit needs to be creative as well as have all the numbers. You need to show who you are as a blogger as well as have stats like your engagement rate, demographics, etc.

1:50pm-2:40pm: Our second keynote of the day was Dr. Jen Welter aka the first female NFL coach. I finished this keynote ready to take on the world guys. After being told no so many times she kept saying yes and broke SO many barriers in sports. I might actually watch football on tv now LOL.

My main takeaway: People will ALWAYS put you down and tell you that you can’t do things. You have to ignore them and do the EXACT opposite. She had been told she was too small to play both tennis and rugby and you know what? She went and won global football titles and became the first women’s coach.

3:00pm-3:50pm: “Insiders Spill“: What is a Career in PR Really Like? I have kind of been all over the place deciding what I want to do with my life lately. This was a great session because I was able to realize PR is NOT for me.

My main takeaway: If you like a fast-paced environment, super long hours (like 12-hour days), and problem solving (and fixing) then it IS the job for you. You have to be organized and high-energy all the time and very attentive. If this sounds like you, maybe PR is the job for you!

4:10pm-5:00pm: Logan Browning from Dear White People was our last keynote and I would be lying if I said it was the best one of the day. Jen Welter got me so hyped up that probably nothing could follow that honestly.

My main takeaway: That all being said, I really enjoyed how she spoke about being aware of people around you. Such as when you’re upset, putting yourself in the other person’s shoes even if it is hard.

One main thing I took away from the entire conference was that you have to be authentic in whatever you do and whatever industry you are in. Companies look for authenticity and experience over education almost every time!

I was so excited to partner with Her Campus Media and Almay for this campaign. I got so many goodies that I can use every day and some AWESOME makeup that I’ll show you guys in a second post! All in all, I had literally the best weekend of my life.

Thanks for reading and I hope you got some insight into the industry and some helpful life tips! Be sure to follow me on Instagram to see my posts in partnership with Almay! My handle is @sequinsandsales.

xoxo, Mandy

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