The 5 Best Apps to Use to Re-Sell Your Old Clothing

The 5 Best Apps to Use to Re-Sell Your Old Clothing

Hey guys! Back again with another post. This one tells you all about 5 of the best apps to re-sell your old clothing on! What’s better than finding the new best clothing item? Re-selling it once you’re tired of wearing it! Then you can make a little money back and put it towards some new items.

I figured now was such an awesome time to post this because the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is still on PLUS it’s getting closer and closer to the fall time. You can sell some old things and use the profits to get some new sweaters and jeans!

TIP: A great tip overall is to make sure you don’t limit yourself! Post listings to all of these places and then when an item sells take it down. This is a great tactic because some people might be on one app but not another!

1. Poshmark:


I personally feel like Poshmark is my favorite place to re-sell items that are more name brand. They’re great for brands like Nordstrom, ASOS, Louis Vuitton, and Tory Burch. I’d avoid trying to sell items from brands such as Target, Walmart, and Macy’s (unless it’s a high-end brand like Levis) on here.

The thing I like most about Poshmark is the fact that their shipping to the buyer usually only takes 3-4 days which is MUCH faster than most companies. This means you get paid faster which is the main goal here! Things also go for higher re-sell margins on here.

2. Mercari:


Mercari is awesome because you can sell more than just clothes. People sell toys, accessories, decor, etc. If you’re trying to do a closet clean out as well as as a purge of your old decor, Marcari is probably the site for you! I know I 100% plan on doing this once I get back to my apartment at school.

The one thing I’m not so happy about with Mercari is that the shipping takes FOREVER. One time something took literally two weeks so it’s kind of sucky if you want to replenish your cash quickly. The margins for re-sale for Mercari are also a little bit lower but I’ve found more people are exposed to your product on here!

3. Tradesy:


Tradesy I haven’t personally used but I totally want to start. Basically what Tradesy does is they enhance the images that you take to make your items look more appealing to potential customers!

This is great for anyone who doesn’t have access to Photoshop because they basically take your photo and enhance it in ways you would use it for! They’ll remove backgrounds, up the lighting, etc!

4. ThreadUp:


ThreadUp I haven’t used to SELL clothes but I have used it to BUY clothes before! It is a really simple layout and it lets you search really easily. This app feels more upscale to me if we’re being honest.

The way ThreadUp works is that you receive a bag from them, you drop your bag off at the office of your mail carrier, and then once they process all of your merchandise they give you cash or credit back! It’s a super great process and not much hassle for you.

5. Vinted:


Vinted is an app I used to use a lot to buy clothes! They had such awesome finds and in  literally every clothing category too! I’ve also attempted to sell on here before but not seriously; I generally used Poshmark and/or Mercari.

This site works a lot like both of these actually. You list all of your items and explain all the details of them. Once you post it goes to the general marketplace! Vinted is cool though because you can post videos of your item as well.

I hope this post was able to help you find a site you wish to try out and use to sell some items on! If you have success with any of these, leave a comment or message me on IG at @sequinsandsales! I’d love to hear about your success.

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xoxo, Mandy

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