How to Decide If You Should Start Blogging Seriously (Or Not)

How to Know if You Should Start Blogging Seriously (Or Not)

Lately I have been thinking a lot about why I started blogging. I’ve actually been blogging since about 2013 but it was never anything substantial. So there was a huge 5-year gap where I didn’t pursue anything concrete.

I then hit last April (2017) and decided I would upgrade to a personal plan on WordPress but still didn’t really pursue anything. Then once October 2017 came around, I bought a blog theme! I started writing more posts but nothing serious yet again.

Once January came around, I decided I was either going to go at this thing full force or not at all and that’s when I made the resolution to face blogging head on and to really step my game up. I decided to start doing one post a week every month.

I used this tactic for a while but I was also writing for another website and so that was basically two articles a week. I finally decided (LITERALLY in July 2018) that I was going to only focus on MY BLOG and do three articles a week. I stopped writing for the second site because this was MY BLOG and I wanted my voice to only be heard here.

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Now how should YOU decide if this is for you? Let me briefly describe what a day currently looks like for me! That way you can kind of see what blogging will entail for you from a time perspective.

On the shuttle to work in the morning, I generally engage with my followers on IG (respond to comments, like photos, etc.), on my lunch break or in down time at work I’ll write blog posts, then when I get home at 5:30 I’ll grab my tripod and go take photos. This is typical for me and on the weekends it varies.

I also work in time to post on Pinterest because I recently started trying to expand onto other platforms (Here’s my post on how to gain monthly views on Pinterest) and I have just started branching out into Twitter and Facebook. That means that while I’m relaxing in bed at night I’m scrolling and interacting on those platforms as well!

IT IS A FULL TIME JOB. When I first started I was like “How?” But ever since I started upping my posts to three times a week and partnering with brands it has become pretty insane. That being said….I LOVE IT. I blog because 1) I LOVE to write things even if no one is reading it or 2) I love that I can hear people say how they loved something I wrote/how it helped them personally. I think it mostly stems from my want to help and inform others.

Questions to ask yourself to decide if this is for you or not:

1. Do I like writing?

2. Do I like taking photos?

3. Do I have a “voice” that comes through?

4. Do I know how to pitch myself (SO IMPORTANT)?

5. Do I want to start monetizing my blog in the future?

6. Do I have the budget to purchase a website, theme, etc.?

7. Do I have 20-40 hours to dedicate to seriously pursuing this?

8. Do I know how to handle rejection/rude comments (I still work on this)?

9. Do I have the people skills to interact on social media with a lot of different people?

10. Do I know how to produce content people will like OR do I have the time to figure out how to create it?

These can all be WORKS IN PROGRESS. If you don’t feel like you can say yes to all of these that is TOTALLY OKAY. Blogging is 24/7 so you have all the time in the world to work on these attributes.

I hope this post helped you decide if you maybe wanted to start pursuing blogging as a side-hustle or an actual hustle! I love it so much and if it seems like something you also would love after this post I say go for it!

If you are a blogger and you have any tips that readers might like/your personal journey about blogging, PLEASE leave a comment below! I think it would be so great and helpful. As always, follow along on my Instagram as well at @sequinsandsales!

xoxo, Mandy

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10 thoughts on “How to Decide If You Should Start Blogging Seriously (Or Not)

  1. You mentioned you take your tripod out to take photos. So you take all your own photos? No photographer? Is that hard?

    1. My boyfriend took them up until May for me but ever since then yes! They’re all me! Honestly though taking all my own photos is SO much better because I don’t have to work around anyone else’s schedule!

  2. Such a helpful post! I’ve been blogging for about a year but am now working on making it more of a priority and trying to blog seriously! Do you still have the personal WordPress plan or did you upgrade from there? I’m trying to decide which plan is best for me!

    1. I had the personal plan until literally about two weeks ago! I had the personal plan and then I had purchased a theme that was $49 which I’m still using! I like the upgraded one because I can use plugins which are super helpful.

    1. Ahh I’m so glad that you did!! I’m also happy you had the same process because I feel like it’ll let readers know that more than just me have had success with this process (:

    1. I’ve been full-time this summer and I totally agree with you! It’s exhausting at times but it’s so rewarding (:

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