How to Take Quality Blog/IG Photos Using Only an iPhone and a Tripod

Hello lovelies! I mentioned on my IG story last week that I was going to tell you how I take all of my Instagram and blog photos using only my iPhone and my tripod! I find I like this method better because I can take pics where I want and when I want. To start, I got my tripod from my best friend Amber London (her IG) (her blog) as a going away gift for NYC (she’s legit the sweetest).

This tripod has been a LIFE SAVER guys. I haven’t had my normal photographer (my bf lol) all summer so I really had to make do! At first I was really frustrated at how my photos were turning out but I soon realized it was the way I was editing and not the actual tripod.

Here is the tripod I’ve been using for three months! I haven’t had any issues so far at all and I actually just found out you can use it with cameras too! So regardless of what tools you have, this is affordable and totally necessary! Here is the (link) to shop it on Amazon! It’s only $26.99 which can be factored in to any budget.

(Sidenote: I have an iPhone 8 Plus that is super massive and it fits (in its case), so your phone should be good to go!)


How to use it:

1. Use the legs to adjust to the height you need.

This is important because depending on what setting you’re in you’ll use a different height! When I take my photos outside I will use it at full height of course (since I’m pretty tall at 5’6″). I have used it inside as well because I get some really great lighting and it allows me to use portrait mode! This is how I’ll position it inside to get a close up photo.


2. Make sure your clicker is on.

This tripod comes with a remote for your phone! It’s super amazing and works really well. It syncs up with your phone via bluetooth (the instructions take 5 seconds to read and are very simple) and you can use it from a good distance! Below is what it’ll pop up as. It also has just a general on switch and comes with a battery already inside! I’m forgetful and have left it on almost indefinitely for a couple months and the battery is still going strong.


3. Hide your clicker out of sight.

This is a lot easier than it seems actually! You probably haven’t even noticed it in my photos because (generally) I do a good job of hiding it out of view. You’ll probably notice it or pick it out in EVERY photo now but whatever! If I wear a bag I’ll usually hide it behind the straps; in the photo below, I just kept it at my side.


4. Make sure your tripod is on an equal or higher surface than you.

This is super key to getting a shot that doesn’t make you look super short or weirdly proportioned. I have had some awkward run-ins with one area near my apartment and the ground tilts sideways which causes so many issues with the set-up of the photos. In this case balance is also key!

5. Make sure you are facing the direction of the sun OR if it’s overcast make sure to face the direction the sun SHOULD be.

This is crucial for lighting even if you do edit your photos! This will give you just enough light to show off your look. I also have noticed photos in the direct sunlight (when using this tripod method) don’t come out as well. I think it has to do with the angle the phone is at. I also make sure to take photos with my phone positioned vertically! This is the PERFECT example below! This was the exact same location but the sun was at my back in the first one.

6. Be okay with TRIAL AND ERROR.

It’s hard to know what your pics look like until they’re taken when using a tripod. Here are some examples of the MANY pictures I have to take to get ONE that I liked (and there were more than this even! When I said that blogging takes time IT DOES. This is just a part of that process! Once you do get that amazing photo though, it’ll be so worth it. I will usually have a lot less photo options of outside pictures because I don’t want to seem too weird for too long.

7. Ignore the stares.

This is SO MUCH HARDER THAN YOU THINK. I feel like in NYC people care less and I haven’t used this in Georgia yet where everyone is in everyone else’s business. I will update this once I have (LOL). At this point I’m really good and natural when it comes to this but still feel a little uncomfy at times. I have let my doorman know what I do because I came in and out of the front of the building three times in three outfits one day and he was so confused.

I noticed how there were virtually no articles on how to take photos with a phone and tripod and I got a ton of questions! I knew this post could be super helpful to newbie bloggers and seasoned ones such as myself!

I hope you enjoyed this post and found it super helpful! If you want to stay up to date on my posts, subscribe on my homepage or follow me on Instagram at @sequinsandsales!

xoxo, Mandy

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